UberStations is a new way to discover and listen to online radio stations. This unique cloud guide not only lists stations but also displays currently playing song titles and shows for thousands of stations making it easier than ever to find something great on radio to listen to. Clicking on a station plays that station in the web browser. After selecting a song or show a recommendation engine will locate up to 20 other stations with programming that may also be of interest in the "More Choices" section in the upper right. Watch the short overview video for more info on UberStations.

To add or change a station or show on UberStations go here and follow the on screen instructions. (UberStations and DAR.fm the DVR for radio share the same guide.) Newly added stations or shows will appear on UberStations in about 5 minutes after being entered. Once a show is entered and added to the broadcast schedule of at least one station it will automatically appear on UberStations when being broadcast.

To include the UberStations station directory in your online service or mobile application please read about the API at http://bit.ly/11pc0fP.

Do you have ideas to share? Want to partner with UberStations? Want to license our unique radio data? Have other input? Send email to michael@dar.fm. We'd like to hear from you!